We service over 60 models of intra-oral cameras, 15 different X ray sensors and many other electronic equipment devices. Broken equipment could be detrimental to your practice. We provide quick turnaround-service to get your equipment back to you as soon as possible.

Intra Oral Sensor Repair

Some of our most common CAMERA & X RAY SENSOR REPAIRS are as follows but not limited to:
• No image, distorted video, auto trigger
• Spotty, foggy or not focusing properly
• Poor or improper image color, shooting blank images
• Electronic problems or distorted video, loss of connection
• Broken or defective fiber optic cables and data cables
• Loose or broken connectors or couplers, loss of power
• Intermittent power or video problems

Intra Oral Sensor Refurbished

Call for current availability.

Intra Oral Sensor New

Module coming soon.

Intra Oral Sensor Free Shipping Label

All of our UPS shipments arrive in 2 days, we also pay the 2 day return trip, click here to get your label “BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE “UNIT CHECK IN FORM”, SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Intra Oral Sensor Maintenance

In a clinical use environment, the health care provider should wear protective disposable gloves and cover the intra oral sensor with a hygienic barrier for each use. Before using the sensor the first time, and before every new patient, the following protocol is recommended…

Intra Oral Sensor Tech Tips

Intra oral sensors will last for years if proper procedures are followed, click here for some tips.