We have been doing small Equipment repairs for many years, experienced technicians, quality(OEM) parts, lower pricing, and extended warranties, are what sets us apart from our competition. However, there are times when doing a repair is just not cost effective. See below to see if purchasing a new or refurbished unit would make more sense.

Small Equipment Repair

We repair all makes and models, click here to get a listing. Don’t see your unit? Call us.

Small Equipment Refurbished

Click here to buy small equipment that has been refurbished.

Small Equipment New

Click here to buy new small equipment.

Small Equipment Free Shipping Label

All of our UPS shipments arrive in 2 days, we also pay the 2 day return trip, click here to get your label “BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE “UNIT CHECK IN FORM”, SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Small Equipment Maintenance

Module Coming Soon.

Small Equipment Tech Tips

Before sending small equipment in for problems like no water flow, click here to get tips on doing simple checks that could save you hundreds of dollars.