Why send your instruments out? Let a professional inspect your instruments so the correct repair gets done to the right instrument. Knowing if an instrument has past the point of sharpening and needs to be re-tipped, should be left up to the professional, mistakes can be costly. Try our service, send us your instruments, we will let you know which ones can be sharpened and which ones needs to be re-tipped or replaced.

Dental Instrument Sharpening

Why are you spending your valuable time sharpening dental instruments when we can do it for you? Allow us to restore the edges, to a like-new quality, at a very low cost so that you’re always prepared for the next patient. Sharpening dental instruments with us will provide additional time for you to focus on your office.

Dental Instrument Re-Tipping

Some companies say that retipping dental instruments is not safe! If that were true, why are our customers so satisfied? In the case that we cannot retip your dental instrument, we will offer a new instrument at a much lower trade-in price. Why would you buy new dental instruments? You will be amazed at the great savings every time you use our retipping service.

Dental Instruments New

This module coming soon.

Dental Instruments Free Shipping Label

All of our UPS shipments arrive in 2 days, we also pay the 2 day return trip, click here to get your label “BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE “UNIT CHECK IN FORM”, SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Dental Instrument Maintenance

Properly maintaining your instruments will extend time between sharpening and also extend the life of the instrument.

Dental Instrument Tech Tips

“Reprocessing Cycle” click here to find out how this term can save you money.