Handpiece repair is our business, experienced technicians, quality(OEM) parts, lower pricing, and extended warranties, are what sets us apart from our competition. However there are times when doing a repair is just not cost effective. See below to see if purchasing a new or refurbished handpiece would make more sense.

Dental Handpiece Repair

We repair all makes and models, click here to get a listing. We also repair the electric control units for your electric motor and attachments, lab control consoles, and control modules for surgical units.

Dental Handpieces Refurbished

All of our refurbished products come with a 6 month warranty, click to see what is available. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we can let you know if we can get it.

Dental Handpieces New

Don’t pay the price of the big national brands, click here to buy off brand handpieces at 50% – 70% discounts. All new handpieces come with a 12 month warranty.

Dental Handpieces Free Shipping Label

All of our UPS shipments arrive in 2 days, we also pay the 2 day return trip, click here to get your label “BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE “UNIT CHECK IN FORM”, SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Dental Handpiece Maintenance

Regular handpiece maintenance will not only extend the time a repair lasts, but also extend the life of the handpiece. Click here to learn how.

Dental Handpiece Tech Tips

Why send handpieces in for minor problems like a stuck bur, click here to get tips on doing simple repairs.