Bonart Piper (ART-P6) Piezoelectric Scaler


Included Parts and Accessories:
Piper (ART P6) Main Unit (x1)
Power Cord (x1)
PP0038-012: P6 foot switch (x1)
PS0036-002: BS-type LED piezo hand piece (x1)
PS0007-072: Metal piezo torque wrench (x1)
TP0102-042: BS-1 Universal pointed tip (x2)
TP0102-032: BS-2 Flat chisel tip (x1)
TP0102-022: BS-3 Round flat tip (x1)


The Piper (ART-P6) is a compact piezoelectric scaler. While small, it has Auto Gain Control, which stabilizes and adjusts power settings for optimal performance.
The Piper hand piece now has an LED for enhanced visibility.
Device name: Piper
Model number: ART-P6
Part number: P6-1-BMPL-A3-40-L
CE and ISO certified
510K registered

Power Supply: 110V*
Working Freq.: 26Khz ~ 32Khz
Water Supply: 25-60Psi (172-414kPA)
Dimension: 7.68”(L) x 3.38″(W) x 3.27″(H)
Weight: 3.52 lbs.
Handpiece Cable Length: 8.52 feet
Footswitch Cable Length: 8.52 feet
Operating Environment Temperature: 0-140º F
Relative Humidity: 10-90% (non-condensing)