Vector MD Technologies Oral Surgery System


10 Program Memory Function



10 Program Memory Function

Allows for optimal versatility – program the motor for any brand or style of dental implant or any placement technique. Simply adjust the modes and hold the memory button until it beeps and the system will remember the setting.

Forward or Reverse Rotational Direction

Practitioners can also change rotational direction on the foot control for hands free operation.

4 Pre Programmed Gear Settings

1:1 = 600 to 50,000 RPM, 10 Ncm – Use with a 1:2 nosecone for speeds up to 100,000 rpm!
20:1 = 30 to 2,500 rpm, 5Ncm – 55 Ncm
27:1 = 20 to 1,850 rpm, 5Ncm – 60 Ncm
32:1 = 20 to 1,560 rpm, 5Ncm – 65 Ncm

Fully Programmable Speed Range

Operating speed and torque is displayed during operation.
Optimal speed for most implant procedures with one angle – drill tap and
place without buying multiple angles. (Does depend on the manufacturer’s
recommended technique)
Combine with a 1:2 speed increasing nosecone and realize “STRYKER” type speeds!