Vector Extreme Velocity VX10SLK Handpiece – Refurbished




Vector Extreme Velocity VX10SLK Handpiece- Refurbished

The Vector Velocity Series Highspeeds are one of the most powerful, durable, and quietest running highspeeds available!

Velocity Series Features Include:
• A push button autochuck bur release.
• Solid glass rod fiberoptics that never dull.
• Optimal angle head design for improved access to posterior restorations.
• Titanium finish for lighter weight and better durability for sterilizing.
• Connects to the KaVoTM MultiflexTM couplers.
• Made in Germany.
• 6 Month Warranty.
All swivel highspeeds connect to any KaVoTM MultiflexTM type swivel coupler. The Velocity highspeeds are available in both optic type (with light) and non optic type (no light).

• Large head.
• Super torque.
• Three port water spray for optimal bur cooling.
• The V10 is the most powerful of the 3 versions.