Tech Tips

We have a recommended cycle for dental instruments to ensure a quality dental procedure. The Instrument Reprocessing Cycle details the lifecycle for instruments.

Once a new instrument is received, there should be an initial cleaning to remove any oils and compounds from manufacturing. Follow the preferred sterilization procedure for that instrument. If any sharpening is needed, be sure to clean after sharpening.

Within 15 minutes of using the instrument on a patient, rinse the instrument. Then, remove any debris with a recommended, light detergent and follow with cleaning using an enzymatic solution. Inspect the instrument for thorough cleanliness. If further cleaning is necessary, manually scrub the instrument with a nylon brush and return to the cleaning process again.

If after repeated use of the instrument, it is not functioning properly, apply White Medical Oil to the hinges. If the function of the instrument does not improve, return the instrument for repair or possible replacement.