Do-It-Yourself Handpiece Repair

A. Handpiece has low torque or power (could be lack of lubrication or too much debris)
Try heavily spraying “correct” drive air tube with a combination cleaner/lubricant and run handpiece for a 30 seconds
Remove turbine and clean out head, lubricate turbine directly, and spin bearings with fingers. Blow compressed air in head of handpiece to clear air tube. Return turbine to handpiece and run.
Check air pressure on dental unit.

B. Burs are sticking inside of turbine or falling out
Flush the spindle with a handpiece cleaner where the bur would normally be inserted.
Ensure that burs are not less than .0625” or greater than .0630” in diameter or are worn,which can damage spindle.

C. Water spray is weak or completely stopped
Insert small wire into water tube from head of handpiece to remove debris. Particles can be dislodged by blowing air backward from the contra angle head. NOTE: DO NOT attempt to blow particles from the rear end of the handpiece, as larger particles will be blocked in the water tube.